Vintage Clothes, New Passion.

At Kensington Trading we believe in the uniqueness of vintage clothing and the made to last quality. For us, vintage clothing is not just "used clothes" , they are a piece of history both in the historical sense and on a personal level.

Over the years, vintage clothing has become popular, partly because of the singularity of the clothes and that they cannot be easily duplicated. However with the rise of environmental concerns, many people are choosing to shop vintage and at Kensington Trading this is our contribution towards saving the planet and sustainable shopping. 

Furniture like no other

Mid-Century and Antique furniture pieces add character to modern interiors by transforming your home or office into a stunning and original environment.  After hundreds of years, many antiques are still in use and this demonstrates just how durable antique furniture can be. Many original mid-century modern designs were built around connection to nature in combination with the way our bodies move to improve comfort.  These designs were created to utilise resources, increase sustainability, have multi-functional purposes and to fit the human needs.  Essentially it is designed for people with nature in mind. Due to their design and durability, antique furniture comes in handy and can be a good investment. By investing in antique furniture instead of new products, you are reducing the need for manufacturing companies companies to use new materials in making items from scratch and instead, one plays a part in combating the continuing struggle with environmental pollution.  

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